Flu Flu Go Away

Ok, I love motherhood.  I love almost every part of it.  Except one – the stomach flu.

Why do they always puke at night?

Why is it always in their beds?

Why do they get it one at a time?

While I don’t wish for sick kids, can we at least speed the process up?  If they could get it 2 at a time or even 3 at a time, we could reduce sick time substantially.

How much Lysol do I need to clean my house?

Obviously more than I’m using, since we seem to to passing the same bug from person to person.

How do I keep up?

I have an imperfect pecking order for how to get my chores done.  Dinner, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, bathing children, grocery shopping – it all has a time slot in my calendar.  But the flu ruins it.  I can’t take a sick kid to the grocery store. So, if the boy pukes on a Sunday night or Monday morning, then my Monday morning shopping trip is displaced.  I may or may not have the items needed to make dinner.  I can always throw something together, so that’s not a worry.  But, if the flu rears it’s ugly head late morning or early afternoon, then I’m cleaning up puke instead of making dinner.  Laundry is on a constant rotation, but adding loads of extra blankets and sheets just throws a wrench into that system, too.

Special kids get normal sicknesses, too.

But not in the same way. I didn’t realize that Lucy will dehydrate so much faster than the other children.  Even with the same exact stomach bug, she was threatened with hospitalization after just a few hours of puking.

Throw in end-of-the-year activities, just for fun.

Yes, it’s the time of school year when most of the teachers and students have hung up their hats and begun to prepare for summer. Days are filled with field trips, plays, mom visits, walks, and pancake parties.  I don’t blame anyone!  It’s been a long school year and everyone is ready for a break, myself included.  But, it’s hard to figure out how to get to all of these events with the perpetual stomach bug hanging out. I can’t go on class walks and drag my puking toddler behind me.  At the same time, I hear about the things I miss much more than I hear about the things I make it to. How come they only focus on what has been missed? I make it to 99% of field trips, presentations, plays, school events, play dates, etc.  The flu has recently lowered my percentage to about 90%.

OK, well, that’s enough ranting today.  Let me just reiterate how much I absolutely love my children and my vocation as a mother. It is what I was meant to do in life; I truly believe that.  But the stupid stomach bug – I am NOT in love with you.


Let me introduce myself

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a mother of 7 young children.  I am a wife to a wonderful man.  I am a daughter.  I am a daughter-in-law.  I am a sister.  I am a sister-in-law.  I am also a teacher, garbage man, maid, physical therapist, chef, chauffeur, personal trainer, cheerleader, and nurse.

I have struggled with weight for years.  I battled postpartum depression after several pregnancies. I am your typical woman.  The one that thinks I need to help everyone and do just a little more for everyone, often forgetting about my own basic needs.  If you sound like you can relate to this, join me.  I’ll share stories, successes, failures, and just a real-life account of life with seven children, including our youngest with Down syndrome.

5CSamuel – 8

33CGrace -6
45CEmma -5

41CMaria – 4

49CFelicity – 2 1/2

59CRuth – 19 months

68CLucy – 8 months

26CThe Crew

IMG_1968The only real selfie I get – one with a kiddo